Police and Crime Commissioner by-election – Black Country Day of Action

UKIP’S growing army of young members will be descending on the Black Country later this month as part of the Party’s Police Crime & Commissioner (PCC) campaign.

Keith RoweMembers of UKIP’s Young Independence, who recently staged its packed national conference in Birmingham, will be hitting Dudley on Saturday, August 16th, to hold a major day of action in support of me, the Party’s PCC candidate.

Young Independence (YI) will start their day of action in Sedgley where they will be joined by local MEP and Councillor Bill Etheridge and me to undertake a morning of leafleting in the area.

YI members will meet at Bill’s office at 2 High Holborn, Sedgley, DY3 1SR, at between 8.45am and 9am.

From 12noon members of YI will then enjoy a pizza with both Bill Etheridge and me, then following lunch they will then undertake an afternoon of telephone canvassing before enjoying a drink at a local pub.

Tom Hoof, Deputy Chairman of YI, said:

“We are calling our members to action to support Keith after we heard him speak at our hugely successful conference in Birmingham. Keith is a fantastic candidate and we want to show a major show of strength in the Black Country to support him.”

I am very much looking forward to this major day of action in the Black Country. I would like to thank YI members for their support.

Our policies are clear. It is time to be tough on crime and put the interests of the victim before the criminal. There should be no privatisation or zero hour contracts in the police and there should be more bobbies on the beat.

West Midlands MEP Bill Etheridge, said:

“YI is a credit to UKIP and I look forward to seeing them in the Black Country.”

— Vote #KeithRowe on August 21st —


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