Police and Crime Commissioner by-election campaign commences!

It’s a warm and overcast Friday evening and it looks like it’s threatening to rain; this is something I’m mindful of as there’s a photocall in the back garden to organise! UKIP Central and South Birmingham branch members have been mobilised and are round at my house following my announcement that I have been accepted as your UKIP candidate to stand in the forthcoming Police and Crime Commissioner by-election, taking place on Thursday 21st August. We are finalising preparations and ensuring that my ‘ducks are in a row’ for the campaign that is set to get underway in the coming days. Leaflets are about to go to press and we are determining the key areas to target for the leafleting element of the campaign.

Keith with Ukip activists

Me (in the centre) with Ukip activists posing for the camera: not at all ‘like herding cats’!

Job done! (Five minutes tops. So much for “like herding cats” – well that’s what some of our opponents say about co-ordinating UKIP members.) That’s the all-important photograph taken care of, which I am delighted to say represents the final detail for my campaign leaflet which will be delivered by my campaign teams who will be ‘pounding the beat’ in the coming weeks during the run-up to Polling day. Next, I need to email the leaflet design to the printers, and my campaign leaflet should be ‘good to go’ next week!

Turnout is anticipated to be low, but this by-election is your chance to express your voice on police policy-setting in the West Midlands Police force area. The Police and Crime Commissioner sets the policing agenda and holds your police force to account.

Police and crime commissioners are elected to hold your police force to account for delivering the kind of policing you want to see. Their aim is to cut crime and to ensure your police force is effective. They bring a public voice to policing and do this is by:

  • Engaging with the public and victims of crime to help set police and crime plans;
  • Ensuring the police force budget is spent where it matters most; and
  • Appointing, and where necessary dismissing, the chief constable.

Work with others

PCCs also work with your council and other organisations to promote and enable joined up working on community safety and criminal justice.

The PCC does not ‘run’ the police force. Chief constables continue to be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the police, but they are accountable to the public via the Police and Crime Commissioner.

My policies include:

  • Aim for zero tolerance towards all kinds of criminal behaviour;
  • Catching and punishing criminals, not just issuing incident numbers and punishing motorists;
  • Cutting waste and unnecessary expenditure;
  • Ensuring close co-operation with all of the emergency services;
  • Regaining the trust of the people in the Police and actively tackling corruption;
  • Ensuring accurate recording of crime statistics;
  • Using the position to be a genuine voice at the top for the ordinary citizen; and
  • I will work closely with the Chief Constable to ensure that the West Midlands continues to be policed effectively and efficiently.
— Vote #KeithRowe on August 21st —


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