UKIP – “the only party standing up for Birmingham”

Press Release

Saturday 6th December 2014

UKIP activists in Birmingham have pledged to counter the Labour lies over the NHS and oppose plans for a combined authority as part of its General Election push.

Campaigners from the purple party will be pounding the streets to “get the message out” and promote UKIP’s local policies for a better Birmingham.

UKIP supporters from the Birmingham Central & South Branch priorities will include fighting plans by Labour to create a combined Black Country and Birmingham authority and challenge the red party over its smear campaign to mislead people over UKIP’s stance on the NHS.

Steven Brookes, Chairman of the Birmingham Central & South Branch, said: “The Tories and the Labour Party are failing to stand up for Birmingham – only UKIP is putting the interests of the City and its people first. All of our candidates for Birmingham are proud to live in the City.”

Keith Rowe, UKIP’s Parliamentary Candidate for Northfield, said: “Birmingham City Council is a complete shambles and its ruling administration has failed us on every service it seeks to provide.

“Labour has resorted to telling lies in its desperate attempt to fight the rising electoral threat from UKIP. They claim UKIP want to privatise the NHS and charge people to see a doctor. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“UKIP is the only political party that will defend a free NHS. We would scrap hospital car parking charges altogether as the charges are a tax on the sick. It was Labour that started privatisation of the NHS through its Private Finance Initiatives.

“On another front we will also make it clear that we do not want a combined Birmingham and Black Country authority. Birmingham and the Black Country have their own identities and we don’t want to see further centralisation of power.

“We will be getting our message out and our key message is only UKIP can be trusted to truly stand up for the City,” he added.

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