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B31 Voices is a volunteer-led local website / hyperlocal blog. Candidates standing in the local elections for the areas covered by the website have been invited to submit a statement describing themselves and their respective campaign. Here is my submission:

I am well known to many people in Northfield and can regularly be seen campaigning in the High Street. I stood for Parliament in the last General Election and have taken part in many debates and interviews locally and on TV and radio over the years I have been involved politically in the area.

Until recently I ran my own small business and since the sale of this I am now able to spend more of my time working to fix the politics of this City. I am married with two children and I am determined to do what I can to improve where we live and work. I have also spent many years as part of a team leading a large local religious charity.

The leadership roles I have experience of have put me in a unique position, not only to identify the many areas where our City Council is going wrong, but also to understand how to go about fixing the problems and making a real difference.

The current Labour run Council has continued with the many years of mismanagement by all of the establishment parties in practically every area the Council is responsible for!

It is not just me saying this and the Government’s Kerslake Report was damning as to how Birmingham is run. It is clear that we need councillors who are capable of holding our leadership to account.

After all, is anyone really satisfied with the way your Council performs in:

  • Housing
  • Education (just think of the Trojan horse scandal as a start). I believe that bright children should have the opportunity to excel by attending a grammar school.
  • Social Services – currently in special measures by the Government due to the many problems
  • Roads – enough said!
  • Public transport
  • Rubbish collections

Above all – years of financial incompetence has left the Council with huge debts which your children and grandchildren will still be paying off.

It is time for real change – the old establishment parties have failed us all.

A vote for me on May 5th is a vote for someone who is able to stand up to the Council and will work tirelessly for the people of Northfield.

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