Latest from the campaign trail

The Guild Chamber at the University of Birmingham was the setting for a well attended debate on our membership of the EU on 24th March. On My team were Graham Brady MP and a lecturer in Politics from the University, Anthony Hopkins. We were up against the Guardian’s Richard Norton-Taylor, Laura Sandys and the leader of the Green Party, Natalie Bennett.

I feel that we made the case for Brexit very clearly. This was borne out by the fact that the polls taken throughout the debate using individual clickers placed throughout the audience showed an increase in our vote, although being a student audience we were unlikely to win the event. Good progress though and I was able to make the attached statement which you can see below.

My next major speaking event was on Tuesday 26th April when I took part in an hour long debate on BBC Radio Coventry with the candidates for the position of West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner. I was standing in for our candidate Pete Durnell who had other commitments at the same time. The whole region could be so much better run if we had better people in place – 5th May is our chance to try and make this happen.

Keen watchers may also have seen a small contribution from me on BBC1 West Midlands news also on 26th April.

I will shortly be going to various hustings around the City to support some of our excellent candidates for the Birmingham City Council elections.

The next major debate you can see me in regarding the EU referendum will be on Monday 9th May at Warwick University when I will be speaking alongside Caroline Stephens with the Remain side represented by ex-MEP Malcolm Harbour (Conservative) and Ben Wesson (Labour) which as we get ever closer to the Referendum is sure to be a lively evening!

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