How much does the European Union cost Great Britain?

You can now download a copy of this authoritative booklet by Prof Tim Congdon.

With a foreword by Gerard Batten MEP, this updated version explores the true cost of EU membership to the people of Great Britain.

‘The UK is roughly 10% of GDP – about £150 billion – worse-off every year because it is a member of the EU. It should instead be an independent sovereign nation, like Norway and Switzerland on our own continent, or Canada and Australia in the wider English-speaking world.

The main reason for the heavy cost of the EU is the damage that misguided EU ‘legislation’ (in the form of the directives and regulations that constitute the acquis communautaire) is doing to British business. Small-and medium-sized businesses have been particularly disadvantaged, as they cannot cope with the paperwork, bureaucracy and restrictions.

Other costs include the direct fiscal cost, the costs of resource misallocation, the cost in lost jobs, the costs of waste, fraud and corruption, and the potential costs from the possible failure of EU
institutions and ‘benefits tourism’.

The Real Cost of the EU

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