Keith Rowe – Spokesman for UKIP In Birmingham

Birmingham City Council Elections 2012

Keith Rowe Campaigning Outside Birmingham Council House May 2012

I believe that politics in Britain has suffered increasingly in recent years by the main political jobs in both of the major traditional political parties being occupied by well educated but entirely inexperienced leaders. We have all suffered as a result. So many of our politicians have gone straight from education to helping a politician, to becoming one, but where is their experience of life?

I believe that in order to be truly effective our political leaders should be both passionate believers in the case they are arguing (not cynical ‘yes men’) and also be experienced in the wider world so that they have an idea as to the effects their actions will have on others.

I am 55 years old and have worked in small business for practically all of my working life. I was brought up working in my family manufacturing firm in Birmingham (based where the Cube now stands) and I set up my own business in 1991 which I ran successfully for over 24 years, selling this in July 2015.

I first stood as a candidate for UKIP in the 2012 local elections and have become increasingly involved and committed to the cause. Reading the pages on this website will show you the reasons why I believe we are being let down by our politicians and why I am so incensed by much of what is going on that I feel I must get fully involved and help to put matters right.

I have experience in business and charity work and I am a keen advocate of preserving and building on the good relations between the many different faith communities in Birmingham.

I am a keen choral singer leading the choir at Singers Hill and singing withthe Birmingham Festival Chorus.

I am married with two children and live in Harborne.

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